Monday, January 18, 2010

my son and playgroup

i enrolled nadia nasira into a playgroup exactly a year ago. she was 22 months old then and at 34 months, she is now in her 5th module. this january, at 19 months, i decided to let muhammad nashwan nasr to tag along just to expose him to a learning environment.

i loved his reactions. he reminded me of aiman, the boy in nadia nasira's class when she started then. first things first.... he came into the class with nadia nasira's back-pack on his back, refusing to let go of it. he was in awe when the children were singing their good morning song. then, teacher rahmah was giving the overview of colours, what they were going to learn in the current module. he sat beside the teacher. after a while, he was restless and started doing his own activities like wanting the other children's school bag, their water thumbler etc.

the following week, he was more manageable in the class and i take is as a positive signs. i decided that i am going to let him tag along from now on.

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