Tuesday, January 5, 2010

season holidays

for the first time in years, i went on the year end holidays from christmas to new year. thanks to the business trip to manjung power station. thanks to my wonderful man who makes a lot of things in life possible.

for the first time in years, i was able to go to my best friend's christmas party... though i get invited every year without fail.

for the first time ever, i had oldtown white coffee and loved everything about it so much...

for the first time ever, my children played in the sand and had a forced dip in the sea on new years eve at batu feringgi, penang.

for the first time in years, i welcomed the new year with the loved ones back in my hometown. being with my parents is the best thing ever and the one thing i miss in my life. i wished i never had to grow up. i cheerish the moments.

what have i missed? well, i simply loved my year end holidays this time around.

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