Monday, January 18, 2010

tamil proverbs

here are the translation to some tamil proverbs we learnt as we were growing up...

~ Even a crow finds its own child precious. ~ Tamil proverb

~ The worth of shade is only known when the sun is beating down hot ~ Tamil proverb

~ The wounds of fire would have gone with the time but not the wounds caused by words ~ Tamil proverb

~ Great anger is more destructive than the sword. ~ Tamil proverb

~ A drunkard's words are gone when the next day dawns. ~ Tamil proverb

~ Fully Filled pot does not spill ~ Tamil proverb

~ A single tree will never make an orchard. ~ Tamil proverb

~ A thorn can only be removed with another thorn ~ Tamil proverb

~ Don't step in the river without knowing its depth ~ Tamil proverb

~ Even when throwing in the river, measure what you throw ~ Tamil proverb

~ Make a wrong doer feel shy, by doing him a favour. ~ Tamil proverb

~ Pepper is small but not its zest ~ Tamil proverb

~ Even in hunger, Tigers do not eat grass. ~ Tamil proverb

~ Frog dies because of its making noise ~ Tamil proverb

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