Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what a pleasant surprise....

i answered a buzz and heard a voice have a flower basket delivery. please collect it at the reception.

i was surprised. who could it be possibly from? my husband? i don't think so. why would he send me today when my birthday was last saturday and furthermore, he is in london now? one of my ex? i don't think so but still, there was a chance for that. i mean who else would have sent me except for that one person. i signed the receipt and carried the huge flower basket filled with pink and white lilies as well as roses. they smelled so good i wished i could captured them somehow.

niza ooohhhed and aaaahhhhed.... who is it from? i said...i don't know coz i haven't read the card yet.

as i read the card, i was so filled with emotions. it is from a person who means so much to me like i do to her. it is from my best friend, nafsiah....i thought she had forgotten my birthday yet again. the thought crossed my mind even today. i am waiting for a few more days before i call her since she would normally remember a few days after. i don't mind this because it is just her. she would call a few days after with a giggle and i so like that giggle. i accept her just the way she is. it was not always the case. we used to spend birthdays together those days. there were years when she would set alarm on her phone and be the first to wish me. she would even teach her son to sing me happy birthday song.

i am so touched at the note she attached with the flowers. i wish i could give her a bear hug.

thank you so much, nuff. they are merely words and no way could describe what i actually feel. i love you just the same as ever. you are my friend dunia akhirat and i wish you all the best in everything you do.

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