Friday, April 17, 2009

happy birthday, syahama

it was my dear niece's 11th birthday yesterday. i called to wish her and ahyani syahama sounded like a teenager to me...oh yes, she is. 11 years ago, i rushed back to ipoh on the day she was born and was at the hospital to see her. i remember the feeling i had as i looked down at the pink bundle. i fell in love with her instantly. i cried as i thought to myself, 'she is mine and i can take her home. i have my own niece to play with and i don't need to crave looking at other babies'. she made me an aunt and that was my part time job until i had my own children!!!

i was in my final year final semester when syahama was born. i went back to ipoh so often to play with her. i used to fight with my sister (syahama's mother) for the baby. my sister only came home during the weekends as she was in her second year university when syahama was born. my sister and brother in law had to accomodate my request all the time.

as a birthday gift, i think i would start her off with sewing cross stitch and if she does like it, she could take it up as her hobby....

happy birthday, baby. may Allah bless you with all the beautiful things in life starting with iman, hidayah and rezqi.

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