Tuesday, April 7, 2009


last weekend was filled with activities for the children and lots of walking for the adults.

saturday - klcc

mummy came up with the idea of taking the children to the klcc park instead of the playground in the neighbourhood. after nadia nasira's playschool, everyone had lunch at home. daddy put muhammad nashwan nasr to sleep and went off on his usual business. mummy packed everything including their dinner and once muhammad nashwan nasr woke up, off we went to pick nanni up and straight to the park.

it is a decent park for the family. both the children were so excited. nadia nasira started running around and climbing on the slide. muhammad nashwan nasr kept pointing at everything and chatting away. we passed by the water park. nadia nasira insisted that she wanted to go in the water. i let her dip her legs in the water...that was it...she refused to come out. the children also liked the water fountain but we couldn’t stop by as it had started to rain.

it was dinner time for the children. we went into the mall to the food court, had dinner and changed the children and it was time to go home. muhammad nashwan nasr had a ride on thomas, the train. nadia nasira didn’t like the fact that it was swirling left and right. as we were leaving, we stopped at auntie anne’s to get some of my favorite pretzels.

as we walked from the mall to the car, i looked back and saw the majestic petronas twin towers soaring the skies. the twin towers and suria klcc reflects the peak of my life….holds some of the precious memories in my life. it is a symbol of my youth…my glory…my freedom. i miss the twin towers and suria klcc along with everything it symbolizes.

this is my most favourite pic... i think the best in my years of amatuer photography....

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