Friday, April 3, 2009

idiyappam and mutton kurma i proud or am i proud?

i am proud to announce that this was what happened to the mutton from sydney.

and i am even more proud to see that the utensils to make idiyappam that my mum gave me (it was hers!!!) has been sucessfully put to use and the training my mum gave my maid on how to make idiyappam wasn't wasted. i know how to make it but just the theory part of it. this was the maid's second attempt to make the dish but with a different flour (we call it keylveragu and in malay, it's called tepung ragi), it turned out perfect. i hope nasir would have a flair for this weird to many but nutritious flour.

i'm currently waiting for my husband to come home to have dinner.

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