Tuesday, April 21, 2009

an old friend

i just got of the phone with an old friend who works continents away in egypt. it feels good chatting with him....that is how it is with real good friends you have not met or spoken in many months. the gap in time is never felt. we hit it right away, teasing and arguing over nonsense and had a good laugh afterwards.

i first met him in 2002 (i think) when i went to one of the power plants owned by the company i work for in a god forsaken place called mirpur mathelo, punjab, pakistan. the head office is in Islamabad, the capital city of pakistan. to cut the story short, we hit the friendship journey right away and along the way, became friends with his wife, mother, children, his friends, my mother, husband and family. i should post some of the pictures here especially my experiences during my 5 trips to pakistan... karachi, islamabad and mirpur mathelo.

after 6 long years serving in pakistan, he was posted to one of the power plants here. maybe, work wasn't as challenging or for some other reasons, he resigned and joined another company which owns power plants in egypt. he is the station general manager there, i think so.

i admire his wife so much. she is single-handedly managing the family while he is abroad. even if i could, i wouldn't do that. i figured it would really be taxing mentally and physically to do so. hats off to you, thila.... and be a good boy, anba!!!

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  1. hey...its gud to note that u still remember life in mirpur mathelo...days has drifted away from the past...but thinking of life away from home and frens sumtimes make living interesting especially having establish best frens along the way..where ever you are...


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