Thursday, April 23, 2009

happy 11 months old muhammad nashwan nasr

my dear son is 11 months old today...his adjusted age should he have been born full term is 10 months old.

he has been creeping so well... everyday, i would play "catching" with him when i returned from work. he would creep away from me and turn to look whether i was coming after him. if i was, he would laugh out loud, creep away even further and again turn to check on me.

i have not seen him sit up on his own but my MIL says he has done so many times. sure thing, he has pulled up from his four to standing position many a times.

he knows how to merajuk and cry to a certain tone to signify that, has been making so much sounds to babling (i wonder all the times what is he saying), pointing at things to communicate his needs especially wanting to go downstairs and play or watch tv in the evenings when i am trying to put him to sleep, gets excited when he sees a milk bottle, eats everything including nadia nasira's food, puts everything in his mouth, tries to grab everything he can from nadia nasira only to have nadia nasira say "jangan adik, jangan" and grab it back, slowly understanding the gesture of salam, claps his hands to any rythem, loves to watch bunny town, barney and pocoyo, sleeps only when you rock him and sing twinlke twinkle little star or laa ilaha illallah, al malikul haqqul mubiin muhammadur rasulullah saadiqul waqdil amin.

he wants his mummy all the time, has separation anxiety when i leave him in the morning, beginning to recognise his daddy, greets him and wanting to play with him (its ok to be with daddy when mummy is around but not for too long), looks at his sister lovingly and longingly and loves to play with her.

those are some of the things that occupies his days... i am determined to have my camera handy to capture all these moments!!!

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